Tattooing since 2014, Loren continues to focus on improving the quality of his work with every project. He enjoys new challenges and looks forward to working with new and return clients.

Loren did most of his growing up in Arizona before moving to Oregon in 2008 and settling on the coast in 2015. He is a husband and father and has many hobbies and interests in addition to tattooing. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, skateboarding, golf and volunteer work in the community fill in the gap between time spent with family and friends and tattooing.

Loren is grateful to be busy doing the work of tattooing and appreciates his clients.

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Loren – Expert Tattoo Artist Specializing in Americana Traditional Tattoos

Meet Loren, the talented tattoo artist at Signal Tattoos in Astoria. With a passion for Americana traditional tattoos, Loren’s designs feature classic elements such as eagles, flowers, panthers, and more. Discover how his dedication to uniqueness and timeless artistry ensures every client leaves with a cherished piece.

Mastering Americana Tradition: Creating Iconic Tattoos

The Americana traditional tattoo style is a canvas of history and symbolism, and I’m thrilled to be a part of its legacy. My focus lies in creating iconic pieces that encapsulate the spirit of traditional designs, whether it’s the regal soar of an eagle, the delicate beauty of flowers, or the fierce energy of a panther.

From Mermaids to Daggers: Capturing Variety in Tradition

Diversity is at the core of my artistry. From graceful mermaids to bold daggers, I relish the opportunity to weave a tapestry of stories through my tattoos. Whether you’re drawn to the protective aura of a snake or the majesty of a tiger, each design I create aims to tell a story that resonates with you.

Crafting Unique Stories: Unveiling the Extraordinary

Each tattoo is an opportunity to collaborate on a visual journey. I strive to design pieces that are as unique as the individuals who wear them. Be it a heartfelt heart tattoo or a symbol that holds personal significance, my goal is to create art that reflects your individuality and becomes a cherished part of your identity.