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Experience the timeless artistry of traditional tattoos with our skilled artists. 

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    Looking for bold, original tattoos on the Oregon Coast?

    Look no further than Signal Tattoo studio in Astoria. Our seasoned artists bring your vision to life with vibrant details and creative flair. Whether you’re chasing classic Americana flash or a personalized custom design in the style of your choosing, we’ll craft a piece that makes your tattoo dreams a reality.

    Schedule an appointment with us today, or skip the wait, and embrace the spontaneity as a walk in.

    Whether you’re a local ink enthusiast, a curious traveler, or just seeking inspiration, Signal Tattoos welcomes you with open arms. Get inked on your terms, explore our portfolio, and let our artists translate your vision into timeless art.

    From nautical staples to traditional Japanese or fine line black and grey, Signal tattoo has you covered.

    Ready to get in the chair? Signal Tattoos awaits in Astoria.

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