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Experience the timeless artistry of traditional tattoos with our skilled artists. 

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    Looking for a traditional tattoo experience that stands out in Astoria?

    Signal Tattoos is your go-to walk-in studio, specializing in the classic art of traditional tattoos. Our passionate artists bring decades of expertise to the table, ensuring every design is a masterpiece that pays homage to tattooing’s rich history.

    At Signal Tattoos, we’re dedicated to preserving the time-honored techniques that define traditional tattoos. Our artists combine bold linework, vibrant colors, and meticulous detailing to create tattoos that capture the essence of this iconic style. Each tattoo tells a story, and we’re here to help you tell yours.

    Our Astoria studio offers walk-in appointments, allowing you to satisfy your tattoo cravings without a lengthy wait.

    Whether you’re visiting from out of town, a local looking for an impromptu piece, or simply seeking inspiration, Signal Tattoos welcomes you with open arms.

    Our artists are more than just tattooists; they are storytellers, history enthusiasts, and artists who respect the roots of traditional tattooing.

    Their dedication is evident in every piece they create. From classic anchors and swallows to intricate designs that celebrate heritage, our artists ensure your tattoo carries the spirit of tradition.

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